About Us

PPA Research Group, Inc. is a subsidiary of PPA that was established in 2009 dedicated on human hematologic tissues collection.

PPA Research Group has been a worldwide leading supplier of hematologic products to life science research, biotechnology, and pharmaceutical companies for their studies on drug discovery, target discovery, target validation, lead optimization, and toxicity assays.

PPA Research Group not only has its own healthy donor collection sites but also the largest nationwide diseased hematologic tissue collection network with the largest repository of donor profiles in the nation. We are specialized in hematologic tissues collections and hematologic & immunologic cell isolations. We deliver the highest quality products with requested time frame, which enables scientists to speed up drug development.

PPA Research Group is fully certified in accordance with Local, State and Federal business requirements. We participate in an Institute Review Board (IRB) or Human Subject Committee approved donor program, and each normal adult volunteer is screened for general health, including tests for HIV, hepatitis B, and hepatitis C.

Our experience in preparing and shipping products ensures you of the highest quality human primary cells and subcellular fractions for your research. We also ship fresh products throughout North America and to worldwide.