PPA also provides customized products and services including large scale isolation of specific sub-types of primary cells from Peripheral Blood and Bone Marrow, for example,

  • Large-scale isolation of T cells
  • Large-scale isolation of NK cells isolation
  • Large-scale isolation of CD34+ cells

While we specify large scale isolations of T-cells, NK-cells, and  CD34+ cells, we also offer a variety of customized primary cell projects to fit your research requirements by:

  • Leveraging our IRB approved nationwide clinical sites
  • Accessing our large healthy human donor pool
  • Customizing anticoagulants and package sizes
  • Providing donor-matched cells, multiple cell types from a single donor or the same tissue types from multiple unique donors
  • Providing non-human primate blood and bone marrow specimens from M. fasciularis, M. nemestrina, or M.mulatta