PPA provides a variety of human primary cells and hematologic products collected from IRB consented normal donors and variety of patients.  These products are derived from the following tissues:

  • Peripheral Blood
  • Mobilized Peripheral Blood
  • Bone Marrow
  • Cord Blood

We specialize in the production of human hematopoietic & immunological cells as well as iPSc-derived cells.  These human hematopoietic, immunologic and mesenchymal cells are critical raw materials for therapeutic drug development, cellular therapy, and immunotherapeutic development.  Our goal is to enable researchers to speed up their research with the high-quality, consistent, and low cost products.  Our primary cells are available in fresh or frozen format. PPA also allows our clients to obtain any de-identified, fully consented, and IRB approved donor profiles.

Our experienced scientists provide you with high-quality, consistent, viable human primary cells and blood tissues. Our human primary cell products are selected by immunomagnetic separation by our experienced laboratory professionals. PPA guarantees the quality and purity of all of our products.

Our diseased human primary cells are sourced from our clinical partner who has many years of expertise in the field.