PPA Research Group provides 2 specific customized services as follows:

1. Customized non- and mobilized Leukopak

  1. Fresh G-CSF Mobilized PB Leukopak; 10mcg/kg 1 day collection
  2. Fresh G-CSF Mobilized PB Leukopak; 10mcg/kg 2 day collection

2. Large-scale isolation for specific subtypes of human hematopoietic & immunological cells isolation from Peripheral Blood and Bone Marrow, for example,

  1. Large-scale of T cells isolation
  2. Large-scale of NK cells isolation
  3. Large-scale of CD34+ cells isolation

While we specifically large-scale isolation of T-cells, NK-cells, and CD34+ cells, we also offer a variety of customized primary cells projects to fit your research requirements by:

  1. leveraging our IRB approved nationwide clinical sites
  2. accessing to a huge healthy human donor pool
  3. customizing anticoagulant and packaging
  4. donor-matched cells, multiple cell types from a single donor, same tissue types from multiple donors
  5. Non-human primate blood and bone marrow specimens from M. fasciularis, M. nemestrina, or M. mulatta

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