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Human Diseased Tissue, Diseased Cells and Diseased Blood

PPA Research Group’s understands that our clients often need to obtain diseased samples for their research. Since it is our primary goal to help lead your revolution in therapeutic drug development, we work closely with our clinical network to obtain these diseased samples for you. We can obtain whole blood, plasma and solid tumors from Oncology patients. In addition to whole blood and plasma from immunological diseased patients we can sometimes obtain leukopaks from qualified donors.

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We primarily source whole blood and plasma from immunologic diseases and oncology patients. In some cases, we can provide leukopaks from immunologic diseased patients. Our clinical network provides samples from patients that have been fully consented following an IRB approved protocol.

All whole blood is obtained from patients via venipuncture into heparin tubes. If other anticoagulants are necessary for your studies, please make the request when ordering. PPA Research Group’s can obtain whole blood and plasma samples from these patients when they become available to our network of clinicians. Some disease types may have a long backorder depending on the frequency of the disease occurrence in the general population.

We recommend handling all products with precautions in biological safety level 2, as a precaution. When handling these products do not use sharps such as needles and syringes. PPA Research Group’s cannot guarantee the biological function or any other properties associated with the performance of cells in a researcher’s individual assay or culture systems.

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