Human Cord Blood CD14+ Monocytes

cd3 pan t cells in tubes


Monocytes are traditionally characterized by their expression of CD 14, which is why these cells are often referred to as CD14+ monocytes. Monocytes circulate and differentiate into macrophages and dendritic cells.

PPA's Human Cord Blood CD14+ monocytes are isolated from cord blood mononuclear cells by immunomagnetic selection. All cord blood is collected in CPD from fully consented IRB approved donors that test negative for HIV, HBV and HCV.

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15-00078Frozen Cord Blood CD14+ Monocytes 5 million/vial Custom-Request More Information Inquiry
15-00077Fresh Cord Blood CD14+ Monocytes 5 million Custom-Request More Information Inquiry


Products sold or distributed by Physicians Plasma Alliance or PPA Research Group are intended and labeled for "Research Use Only" and are never to be used in humans, human trials or used in a manner inconsistent with "Research Use Only" labeling.

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