Human Normal PB CD56+ NK cells


Natural killer (NK) cells are highly selective effector lymphocytes of the innate immune system that control several types of tumors and microbial infections. NK cells inhibit the spread of the infections and tumors by releasing perforin and granzymes causing the target cell to die.

PPA's Human Normal Peripheral Blood CD56+ NK cells are isolated from peripheral blood mononuclear cells by either positive or negative immunomagnetic selection, depending upon your needs. All peripheral blood is collected in ACDA by leukapheresis from fully consented IRB approved donors that test negative for HIV, HBV, and HCV.

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15-00031Fresh/Untouched Normal PB CD56+ NK Cells 5 million Custom-Request More Information Inquiry
15-00032Frozen/Untouched Normal PB CD56+ NK Cells 5 million/vial Custom-Request More Information Inquiry
15-00030Frozen/Positively Selected Normal PB CD56+ NK Cells 5 million/vial Custom-Request More Information Inquiry


Products sold or distributed by Physicians Plasma Alliance or PPA Research Group are intended and labeled for "Research Use Only" and are never to be used in humans, human trials or used in a manner inconsistent with "Research Use Only" labeling.

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