Mobilized PB Mononuclear Cells

cd3 pan t cells in tubes


Human Peripheral Blood Mononuclear Cells are blood cells with a single round nucleus. These cells include for example lymphocytes, monocytes and dendritic cells. Mononuclear cells are parts of the immune system which are critical to cell-mediated and humoral immunity.

PPA's Human Mobilized PBMCs are isolated from healthy donors that have been Mobilized with GCSF collected in ADCA as an anticoagulant. All donors must test negative for HBV, HCV and HIV and are IRB consented.

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Catalog #NameUnitPriceAction
15-03017Frozen Mobilzed PB MNC CD34+ Depleted 100 Million/vial Custom-Request More Information Inquiry
15-03022Frozen Mobilized PB MNC 200 million/vial Custom-Request More Information Inquiry
15-03019Frozen Mobilized PB MNC 100 million/vial Custom-Request More Information Inquiry
15-03007Fresh Mobilized Peripheral Blood Mononuclear Cells 100 million Custom-Request More Information Inquiry
15-03020Fresh Mobilized Peripheral Blood Mononuclear Cells 300 million Custom-Request More Information Inquiry
15-03021Fresh Mobilized Peripheral Blood Mononucear Cells 500 million Custom-Request More Information Inquiry


Products sold or distributed by Physicians Plasma Alliance or PPA Research Group are intended and labeled for "Research Use Only" and are never to be used in humans, human trials or used in a manner inconsistent with "Research Use Only" labeling.

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Isolated Human Primary Cell Products, Mobilized Peripheral Blood Cells
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Fresh, Frozen
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