Type 2 Diabetes Peripheral Blood


Non-insulin dependent diabetes, or Type 2 Diabetes, is characterized by hyperglycemia that is caused by a combination of insulin resistance and the body’s inability to compensate by producing more insulin.

PPA can obtain whole blood and plasma samples from these patients when they become available to our network of clinicians. Some disease types may have a long backorder depending on the frequency of the disease occurrence in the general population. All samples come from fully consented IRB approved collections.

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21-23450Fresh Type 2 Diabetes Whole Blood 450mL Custom-Request More Information Inquiry
21-23100Fresh Type 2 Diabetes Whole Blood 100mL Custom-Request More Information Inquiry
23-23009Type 2 Diabetes - Recovered Plasma Frozen 1ml Custom-Request More Information Inquiry
23-23008Type 2 Diabetes - Recovered Plasma Frozen 200ml Custom-Request More Information Inquiry
23-23007Type 2 Diabetes - Recovered Plasma Frozen 150 ml Custom-Request More Information Inquiry
23-23006Type 2 Diabetes - Recovered Plasma Frozen 100ml Custom-Request More Information Inquiry
23-23005Type 2 Diabetes - Recovered Plasma Frozen 50ml Custom-Request More Information Inquiry
23-23004Type 2 Diabetes - Recovered Plasma Fresh 200ml Custom-Request More Information Inquiry
23-23003Type 2 Diabetes - Recovered Plasma Fresh 150ml Custom-Request More Information Inquiry
23-23002Type 2 Diabetes - Recovered Plasma Fresh 100ml Custom-Request More Information Inquiry
23-23001Type 2 Diabetes - Recovered Plasma Fresh 50ml Custom-Request More Information Inquiry
22-23013Type 2 Diabetes - Serum Frozen 1ml Custom-Request More Information Inquiry
22-23012Type 2 Diabetes - Serum Frozen 200ml Custom-Request More Information Inquiry
22-23011Type 2 Diabetes - Serum Frozen 100ml Custom-Request More Information Inquiry
22-23010Type 2 Diabetes - Serum Frozen 50ml Custom-Request More Information Inquiry
22-23008Type 2 Diabetes - Serum Frozen 10ml Custom-Request More Information Inquiry
22-23006Type 2 Diabetes - Serum Fresh 200ml Custom-Request More Information Inquiry
22-23005Type 2 Diabetes - Serum Fresh 100ml Custom-Request More Information Inquiry
22-23004Type 2 Diabetes - Serum Fresh 50ml Custom-Request More Information Inquiry
22-23002Type 2 Diabetes - Serum Fresh 10ml Custom-Request More Information Inquiry
25-23006Type 2 Diabetes - PBMNC's-Frozen 100 million per vial Custom-Request More Information Inquiry
25-23012Type 2 Diabetes - PBMNC's-Frozen 50 million per vial Custom-Request More Information Inquiry
25-23008Type 2 Diabetes - PBMNC's-Frozen 20 million per vial Custom-Request More Information Inquiry
25-23004Type 2 Diabetes - PBMNC's-Frozen 10 million per vial Custom-Request More Information Inquiry
21-23200Fresh Type 2 Diabetes Whole Blood 200mL Custom-Request More Information Inquiry
21-23050Fresh Type 2 Diabetes Whole Blood 50mL Custom-Request More Information Inquiry


Products sold or distributed by Physicians Plasma Alliance or PPA Research Group are intended and labeled for "Research Use Only" and are never to be used in humans, human trials or used in a manner inconsistent with "Research Use Only" labeling.

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