We are specialized in hematologic tissue collections and primary cells isolation, which will assist your research in target validation, cell-based assays, immunology research, and toxicology study, etc.

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Our broad range of product offering provides all human hematologic tissues and cells you need, so you can focus on your research and get the best results. We guarantee to provide products from human hematologic tissues to isolated primary cells with the highest quality in terms of cell viability, cell counts, and high purity.

We have number of years of experience in hematologic cells production, operational controls, quality systems, and analytical capabilities to ensure you are receiving high performing cells.

Browse our catalog to see our offering. Call us to inquire about customized cell isolation services.

We have our huge donor pool for healthy and diseased donors consisting of a wide range of diverse demographics and parameters. Therefore, we can find specific donors to meet researchers’ needs, for example, to find repeat donors.

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