PPA Research Group, Inc. is advanced in quality that ultimately allows scientists too save their time and generate reproducible results. Our products meet high-quality standards to ensure that we meet our customers’ requirements all time. Our goal is to exceed customer expectations by providing the highest quality, the best services and support, which allows scientists to focus on their researchers.

PPA Research Group has many years of experience in collecting human hematologic tissues and manufacturing high quality human hematopoietic primary cells. We make an unconditional commitment to provide you the highest quality products and competitive price.

Our Quality Policy

  1. Superior Quality and Customer Service Excellence to meet customer satisfaction and enable today’s scientific research.
  2. Compliance with Local, State, and Federal business requirements. We participate in an Institute Review Board (IRB) or Human Sub & Committee approved donor program, and each normal adult volunteer is screened for general health, including tests for HW, hepatitis B and hepatitis C.
  3. Maintaining an Effective Quality Management System.

Quality and Experience

The scientists using our products around the world are primarily focus on oncology and immunology based therapeutics development. Quality is essential to enabling those scientists’ researches. Ensure scientists be able to generate reproducible results and allow them to focus on their researchers is our company’s founding principle that drives our approach to quality.