PPA Research Group, Inc.provides all convenient ways for you to place your order, for example, website, phone call, fax, email orders@pparesearch.com, or contact our sales representatives in your region.

Your order, price, and delivery date will be confirmed after we receive your purchase order or credit card information. Please provide us with your email address and telephone number so that we can notify you about the shipment status.

Terms & Conditions

  1. To place an order, we require you to submit the Product Order Form, which includes information about product type and specifications, bill to and ship to address, PO number.
  2. For fresh products from healthy donors, standard collections are scheduled Monday through Thursday for same and next day delivery dependent upon the location.
  3. The lead times:
    1. 1 week lead time for non-mobilized Leukopak
    2. 4 week lead time for mobilized Leukopak
    3. 1 week lead time for Fresh Normal Peripheral Blood products
    4. 2 week lead time for Fresh Bone Marrow products
    5. 2 week lead time for Fresh Cord Blood products
  4. For Frozen products already in inventory, we will ship the product at same day after receiving all required forms. No lead time is required, but product delivery is subject to stock availability.
  5. For customized products, we may require additional lead time to recruit donors that meet specifications. Lead time period will be discussed upon order request.
  6. We will confirm your order, pricing, and delivery date within one business day after receiving the purchase order or credit card information.

Packaging and Shipping Information

In order to maintain the quality and integrity of products, we package and ship all products to your specifications in a validated shipping box. Temperature monitoring data tracking devices are available for use at your request.

Unless instructed otherwise, we will ship all products through FedEx Priority Overnight; shipping charges will be added on the invoice. If you wish to use your preferred carrier, please specify the carrier name and provide the account number at the time of order placement. Delivery charges will be billed to your account. Local delivery by PPA Research Group can be arranged for a nominal fee.

Return Policy

Our products are human related subjects. After completion of the sales, no returns are accepted without a prior arrangement with PPA Research Group. However, any quality issue(s) related, after you provide detailed information, we will be able to arrange return or replacement.